12621 W North Ave

Brookfield, Wi 53005


Treat your skin to a facial! A great bed for those who tan easily and the experienced, the Pacifica features 3 high pressure facials and 160 watt lamps in the canopy (top) and 100 watt lamps in the bench (bottom). 

Time limit for this bed is 12 minutes


For our guests that like to tan standing up! A standup version of the Malibu, the SunUpII stands apart from other stand-up units because it also features high pressure facial tanners. 

Time limit for this bed is 12 minutes


Take your base tan to the next level in the Malibu! With 42 lamps that emit 160 watts, your tan will take off and get that rich bronze color that you crave. The Malibu features 4 high pressure facial tanners to protect your face while giving it an amazing glow.  Time limit for this bed is 12 minutes



Our House Bed offers 32 100 watt lamps which out performs the industry standard of 28 lamps to give you more room.  Time limit for this bed is 20 minutes

Tanning & Salon